Pop Up Locations Now Open

Discover why more and more are exploring alternatives to alcohol and discovering the benefits of botanical brews.

Rethink the way you drink

When it's time to have a great night, and an even better morning after - reach for our carefully curated non-alcoholic artisan beer, wine, seltzer and spirits.


Why go dry?

Humans are diverse. We are dieters, baby makers, night owlers, early risers, a** kickers and more. Discover your taste, elevated - at High Goods.

Don't take our word for it


Finally, something new and different! I was sick of all those seltzers and booze is so overrated. I love getting my High Goods order every month!

Beatriz A.
New York, NY

I visited the High Goods popup in Des Peres and had amazing help picking out a cocktail. I get socially anxious and never knew there were so many alternatives to alcohol!

Amanda Z.
Des Peres, MO

Fantastic shipping from High Goods. I ordered a pack of brews I cannot get in any local stores and was nervous about them getting broken in shipping. They arrived quickly and without a scuff. Thanks High Goods!

Stephen M.
Rockford, IL

Fast shipping, great selection. I will definitely be telling my cocktail group!

Rob J.
Chicago, IL

Purchased as a gift for my father who is recovering. His liver thanks you!

Courtney L.
Dallas, TX

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